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Acumentra Health maintains this page to support ongoing quality improvement and reporting activities for Washington Medicaid managed care plans and providers.

How to contact EQR staff

Lead staff list for MCOs (12/12/12)

Lead staff list for RSNs (3/5/13)

Washington Medicaid organization meeting and training materials

Content from recent Medicaid Quality Management and RSN meetings and trainings

Reports and publications

Washington EQR Update (newsletter)

December 2014
Annual Report assesses care for expanded Medicaid population; MCOs report full range of HEDIS measures in 2014; results of Acumentra Health’s special focus study of statewide implementation of the Children’s Mental Health System Principles.

May 2014
Annual Report looks at managed care in transition; highlights of April 2014 Medicaid Quality Management meeting; update on key legislation involving health care purchasing, improvements to the adult behavioral health system, and new outcome-based accountability measures.

December 2013
Apple Health ripens in 2014, bringing big changes for the Washington Medicaid program; outline of 2014 EQR activities for Washington RSNs and MCOs; highlights of 2013 Performance Measure Comparative Analysis Report (HEDIS report)

August 2013
Highlights of April 2013 Medicaid Quality Management Meeting presentations; 2013 encounter data validation activities for Washington RSNs; what’s new with the HEDIS audit and Performance Measure Comparative Analysis Report.

March 2013
Highlights of 2012 External Quality Review Annual Report for Washington Medicaid program; preview of Medicaid Quality Management meeting presentations and training topics

December 2012
Highlights of 2012 Performance Measure Comparative Analysis Report (HEDIS® Report) results; Medicaid Quality Management meeting presentations on physical and mental health topics; disparities in immunization rates for children of Russian-speaking families; changes in mental health grievance system

April 2012
2011 EQR Annual Report highlights and program improvement recommendations for mental and physical health care; new MCO roster for 2012–2013; preview of spring Medicaid Quality Management meeting.

December 2011
Highlights of 2011 Performance Measure Comparative Analysis Report (HEDIS Report) results for Healthy Options program; Medicaid Quality Management meeting presentations; PIP training for RSNs; change in encounter data validation procedures for RSNs.

March 2011
2010 EQR Annual Report highlights and program improvement recommendations for mental and physical health care; 2010 HEDIS results for childhood immunizations, diabetes care indicators, and the Washington Medicaid Integration Partnership.

EQR reports

As part of our external quality review (EQR) contracts with the Medicaid agency of Washington, Acumentra Health produces an Annual EQR Technical Report. These reports fulfill federal requirements for independent review, evaluating the performance of the state’s contracted managed care organizations (MCOs) in meeting standards for access to care and the timeliness and quality of care. We also produce an annual analysis of the Washington MCOs’ performance on standard HEDIS measures.

2013 EQR Annual Report

2013 EQR Annual Report and Appendixes

2013 Performance Measure Comparative Analysis (HEDIS) Report

2013 Performance Measure Report and Appendix A

Reports on Washington HCA website

EQR annual reports, 2009–2012

HEDIS reports, 2009–2012

Other reports

Special reports

Implementation of Priority Standards for Managed Mental Health Care in Washington (2010)

Washington State Collaborative

Washington State Collaborative Final Report (prepared by Child Health Institute, University of Washington, and NVB Consulting; June 2009)

Data exchange

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