Patient Safety Pharmacy Collaborative


As Medicare's Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) for Oregon, Acumentra Health convened and assisted teams from Oregon medical practices participating in the national Patient Safety and Clinical Pharmacy Services Collaborative (generally called “Patient Safety Pharmacy Collaborative,” or PSPC) from 2011 through July 2014.

The goal of QIO support for the PSPC teams is to engage clinical pharmacy services (CPS), medical practices, health plans, and other community stakeholders in activities to reduce adverse drug events (ADEs) and potential adverse drug events (pADEs). Interventions incorporate evidence-based practices as well as best practices from the national collaborative.

Year 1 (2011–2012) Oregon PSPC projects focused on integrating clinical pharmacy services to reduce ADEs and pADEs from antipsychotic medications in the dual eligible population. Teams from 3 clinics worked to implement Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM), a multidisciplinary approach for evaluating a patient for medication effectiveness and side effects. They also began to use Acumentra Health’s enhanced Medication Safety Database, which enables clinics to capture and track data on occurrences of ADEs and potential ADEs, and the impact of clinical pharmacy services.

In Year 2 (2013), the Year 1 teams continued to work on CMM for patients using antipsychotics. In addition, 4 new clinic teams started initiatives involving antipsychotics, diabetes medications, and other topics.

Community activities

Clinical pharmacy services in managed care

During Year 1, Acumentra Health engaged with pharmacy colleges, pharmacy professional associations, mental health providers, and the Oregon Health Authority to promote CPS as an integral element of primary care. We continue to convene the Clinical Pharmacy Services Steering Committee to align stakeholder messages about CPS in the medical home and engage payers in integrating CPS. The Oregon Health Authority supports inclusion of CPS in services provided by Coordinated Care Organizations, Oregon’s Medicaid managed care strategy.

Medication Safety Database

Acumentra Health actively developed and expanded the use of its Medication Safety Database. We are pursuing funding for implementation with additional clinics beyond the PSPC project.