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Our Media Kit identifies key staff members with clinical and policy expertise in diverse topical areas, and describes our corporate services related to quality improvement.


Ask your doctor the right questions
Salem Statesman Journal, December 22, 2013
How can we as patients get the information we need in order to be a partner in our care? Start by asking the right questions.The Oregon Medical Association is leading the Choosing Wisely campaign in Oregon, with checklists on “Things Physicians and Patients Should Question.” OpEd co-written by Betsy Boyd-Flynn, OMA, and Stacy Moritz, Acumentra Health.

Nursing Home Tackles Readmissions with In-house Primary Care
Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare, September/October 2013
In southern Oregon, Pinnacle Healthcare’s system of in-house primary care for residents of its nursing homes has greatly reduced hospital readmission rates. Pinnacle’s investment in primary care was inspired through its involvement in a regional quality improvement network convened by Acumentra Health.

Traditional Healthcare Workers Join CCO Movement
The Lund Report, July 1, 2013
Traditional health workers and their impact on Oregon’s healthcare system, particularly the Oregon Health Plan, were the subject of an all-day conference sponsored by Acumentra Health.

Why community health workers are critical to reform
Portland Business Journal, June 27, 2013
With a proven track record of helping diverse populations, community health workers can be part of the solution to better health for vulnerable populations. Dr. Tina Castañares delivered that message in her keynote address at a conference hosted by Acumentra Health.

Childhood diseases make a comeback as parents refuse vaccines
The Oregonian, July 28, 2012
In the face of the pertussis epidemic, doctors need to communicate better with parents and older patients, to convince them that the known risks of pertussis should outweigh fears of possible harms from vaccination.

The EHR Preventive Care Initiative: keys to success
Medicine in Oregon (Oregon Medical Association magazine), Winter 2012
An update on results from Acumentra Health’s Medicare-funded assistance to Oregon primary care practices in using electronic health record systems and team-based care delivery to provide more effective preventive care for patients. By associate medical director Ruth Medak, MD, with quotations from physician champions in three participating practices.

Safety culture: Oregon hospitals use survey results to drive change
Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare, January/February 2011
Discusses hospitals’ application of internal culture change to implement reliable systems for safer patient care. Includes examples from hospitals that participated in Acumentra Health’s SCIP/Heart Failure Initiative.

Health care reform: bending the cost curve
The Oregonian, February 20, 2010
OpEd by Jon K. Mitchell, FACHE, president and CEO of Acumentra Health, discussing quality improvement as a means to improve value received from healthcare expenditures. Discusses costs of avoidable hospital readmissions and describes Acumentra Health’s projects to reduce healthcare-associated infections and pressure ulcers.

Using EHRs for data and quality improvement: Acumentra Health’s EHR Preventive Care Initiative
Medicine in Oregon (Oregon Medical Association magazine), Winter 2010
Describes Acumentra Health’s Medicare-funded initiative that helps Oregon primary care practices optimize their use of electronic health record systems to ensure that patients receive needed preventive services such as vaccinations and cancer screening; quotes associate medical director Ruth Medak, MD, as well as physician champions from two participating practices.

Outreach program raises profile of colon cancer among African Americans
The Oregonian, November 4, 2009
Describes efforts to increase screening that can detect and prevent colorectal cancer; associate medical director Ruth Medak, MD, is quoted regarding the preventive value of colonoscopy; a colorectal cancer screening toolkit developed by Acumentra Health is mentioned and linked.