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Acumentra Health works with healthcare providers, Medicare beneficiaries, and the public to foster an environment in which every person gets the right care every time.


Q-News: Quality Updates from Acumentra Health
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Healthcare impact reports

Consulting and review for Medicaid and other state clients

How our consulting and review services in Oregon and Washington help ensure high-quality health care while controlling the per-capita cost of care (PDFs)

Helping states meet the Three-Part Aim
Measuring and improving performance (rev. 2/19/13)
Mental health care studies and surveys: helping to shape policy and improve care for vulnerable populations (rev. 2/22/13)
Ensuring patient safety and preventing Medicaid fraud and abuse (rev. 2/19/13)

Medicare QIO initiatives

Results of our Medicare-sponsored initiatives with Oregon providers to improve healthcare quality and patient safety, 2008–2011 (PDFs)

Medicare beneficiary protection: appeals and quality of care reviews (rev. 2/8/13)
Hospital patient safety: surgical care and heart failure
Patient drug safety
Nursing home projects: pressure ulcers and physical restraints
EHR Preventive Care Initiative: flu and pneumococcal vaccination, breast and colorectal cancer screening

QIO Program Progress Report

Acumentra Health's Medicare beneficiary protection program is also featured in Advances in Quality: QIO Program Progress Report (CMS, July 2011, p. 7).

Medicare case review annual report

Annual Report of Medicare Case Reviews, July 2011–June 2012
Report includes the number of Medicare beneficiary complaints and other cases receiving QIO review in Oregon.

Heart failure patient guide

Healthy Living with Heart Failure: A Patient’s Guide (2011, PDF, 32 pages)
Updated version of our popular booklet that explains what heart failure is and what patients can do to stay healthier. Several forms and information pages can be downloaded individually:

Important Phone Numbers—When to call for help
Medication Schedule
Daily Weight Diary
My Heart Care Plan
Tips for Staying Out of the Hospital

Also available: low-literacy heart failure educational booklet from University of North Carolina

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