Consulting services from Acumentra Health


Acumentra Health serves the performance improvement and quality assurance needs of clients, providing a wide array of tailored solutions for diverse healthcare settings. The following services and others can be combined to create customized integrated solutions. Please contact us to learn how we can meet your needs.

External quality review

Acumentra Health has provided independent external quality review (EQR) services in Oregon since 1984, and we provided EQR services in Washington from 1993 through 2014. In this role, we have advised the state Medicaid agencies on the quality of physical and behavioral health services provided by managed care organizations and healthcare providers. Our consultation has helped to shape state policies, improve care for beneficiaries, and expand the capacity for quality improvement within the managed Medicaid system.

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Mental health services evaluation

Acumentra Health assists mental health programs and facilities with program management, quality improvement, psychiatric facility review, service utilization review, pre-audit compliance review, and clinical record review. Our reviews and focused quality studies can help determine whether program improvement initiatives, policies, and best practices are being implemented with fidelity in the full continuum of behavioral health and addiction treatment services.

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Performance improvement projects

A performance improvement project (PIP) is a systematic study using proven tools and methods to assess and improve the quality and outcomes of care. Acumentra Health helps health plans carry out PIPs that meet industry standards and federal requirements and that are more likely to result in real improvements in clinical outcomes and service.

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Quality and process improvement

Teams of experts from Acumentra Health provide technical assistance and consultation to help you design projects of any scale, in any setting, to improve healthcare quality and cost effectiveness.

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Utilization management and quality review

Acumentra Health evaluates the appropriateness of medical services based on widely used medical necessity and appropriateness guidelines and peer review to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of care.

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Data services

In more than two decades of conducting data-intensive research, measurement, and evaluation, Acumentra Health has developed advanced research competencies. Our statisticians and analysts have advanced academic training and practical experience in qualitative and quantitative research methods. Our information systems are capable of handling large data sets in an environment that meets the highest industry and regulatory standards for privacy and security.

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Electronic health record services

Acumentra Health helps medical practices and other organizations adopt and implement electronic health record (EHR) systems and optimize the use of EHRs for care management and patient safety.

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Care transitions

Acumentra Health reviews and evaluates all facets of health care related to movement of patients between practitioners, providers, and settings to ensure availability and consistency of information, health records, and follow-up.

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Chronic illness management and population-based care

Acumentra Health has extensive expertise in implementing the Care Model for chronic illness management and population-based care. Our improvement collaboratives and other initiatives have provided training, practice coaching, and hands-on technical assistance to hundreds of clinical practices, offering program setup, monitoring, and consultation on quality-of-care issues.

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Risk management

We help providers in different settings reduce risk and prevent loss by systematically evaluating and monitoring clinical and administrative practices, identifying and responding to patient safety issues, and assessing data security and information systems capabilities. Our certified compliance specialists can help you to improve your fraud and abuse prevention programs to meet federal and contractual requirements.

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