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Mission: Immunize Medicare beneficiaries against life-threatening illnesses

Pneumonia and influenza, both vaccine preventable, take a heavy toll on adults age 65 and older. The Medicare program has issued a task order for quality improvement contractors to help health care providers boost adult immunization rates in Oregon and other states.

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Mapping “service deserts” for substance abuse treatment

Acumentra Health is managing a pilot project for the Washington State Department of Health and other stakeholders, seeking to develop an innovative tool that will help the state reduce prescription opioid abuse.

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  • HAI-15 NHSN webinar: VAEs—A Patient Safety Opportunity

    May 19: Michael Klompas, MD, MPH, FRCPC, Harvard Medical School, on traditional VAE surveillance challenges and CDC/NHSN’s new, objective approach.

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  • CUSP/CAUTI Series, Part 3

    April 30, 2015: Implement the Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program (CUSP) and CAUTI reduction practices in hospital units.

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“Working with Acumentra Health... has improved [our] ability to analyze data, identify an area of need for clinical improvement, and then implement the change and measure our improvement.”
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Medicare Beneficiaries: Know Your Rights